Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Night Sleep-Over

The "Grands" have been wanting another sleep-over, so tonight is the night. We enjoy having them over and it gives Mommy and Daddy a chance for a night out on the town with a free babysitter. Can't beat that with a stick! When Mackenzie and Zoey arrive the flurry of activities arrives with them. Makes my head spin most of the time.

It is now nearly 9:45 pm where we are (Tumwater, WA) and everyone is sound asleep except me. Now is the time for me to enjoy some peace and quiet. I can hear the rhythmic breathing of Bruce, Mackenzie, Zoey and even Annie down there on the floor in her cozy bed. I'm no where near ready to fall asleep. Thought I'd take time to document our activities for today with the "Grands".

Getting out the dress up accessories is always a favorite pastime for Mackenzie. I went into the bedroom and snapped this photo of her checking her image in the mirror.
Not to be left out, Zoey then wanted me to take a photo of her. She is the ham in the family.
Zoey and Mackenzie both enjoy pulling out all of their kitchen toys, too. Today we were all playing restaurant. Poor Bruce was trying to watch the golf tournament on TV, but he was also supposed to be eating at the girl's restaurant. Grandpa's just don't get it sometimes!!

After they tired of restaurant, they wanted to work on art projects. I pulled out their bin of art supplies I keep on hand for just such occasions. Today they got busy putting together some cut and paste Halloween pictures. Grandma had to cut out scary looking tree trunks and some pumpkins, too. Then they wanted to make Trick-or-Treat noisemakers. We pulled out some sturdy paper plates and put some dry rice in one. Then we inverted the 2nd one on that and taped it around the entire edge to seal in the rice kernels. They decorated those and then the noise began as they shook them loudly and sang cheerleading songs (don't ask me....I have no idea what the two had in common!). I kept waiting for Grandpa to ask them to pipe down so he could hear the TV....but he didn't. I guess he had given up on hearing the broadcast and was content to see the picture silently.
After all of this activity, I wasn't going to be cooking any dinner tonight. We carted them off to the Tumwater McDonald's and got some chicken nuggets for them and salads for us. We topped it all off with the ice cream cones before leaving for home.
I got them into the shower, one right after the other, and scrubbed and shampooed them both. Now it was time for a rousing game of Kings in the Corner. Zoey played with Bruce as a partner since she is only 4 and doesn't quite understand the whole process. Mackenzie eventually won the game so that made her day. She isn't really a very good loser....and we know from personal experience.
By this time I was exhausted. We made up the sofa bed in the living room and Mackenzie put on the Disney channel while Zoey and I went back to the bedroom to read books. After 4 story books, it was time for TV off and going to sleep. It didn't take long...maybe 5 minutes.....and they were both so sleepy they hardly knew I took their picture.
Tomorrow morning the request was made for "Eggs in a Hole" for breakfast. I've got the alarm set for 6:00 am so Bruce and I can get up before they do. We can shower and dress before they are even waking up. I'm taking the girls off to church by 9:00 am......Bruce is playing hooky tomorrow and going off to Seattle with our S-I-L, Darin, to watch the Seahawks game. I'll be looking forward to a few hours of quiet time.....ALONE!
Until next long for now!


K and D in an RV said...

that looked like so much fun and a busy wonderful day! What lovely grandaughters! We are avid Seahawks fans!!Kim and Don

Jerry and Suzy said...

The young grands are fun, aren't they!

What's to hear on golf, anyway. The sound effects are "thwack" when the club hits the ball, the rest of the time the commentator is whispering about a six foot putt and wondering if the northerly wind will affect the shot.

(We aren't golf fans, I guess you can tell!)

Rick and Paulette said...

Great looking grandkids and you sure seemed to have a good time. We've 'been dere, dun dat' a lot so we know how enjoyable it can be - and how exhausting too!

NWlambear said...

Guess Grandpa needs earphones to plug into the tv huh? What a cute pic of the grans asleep on the sofa. I remember our grandson loving to sleep over with us when we had a C-Class in San Diego. I kept games in the RV for him. At the time he was the only grandchild...and now he is 21 and in the Army. But we more grandchildren now and I know they will love sleepovers when we are in their area of the country...and that would be California or Colorado right now! I'll have to setup a basket or box for stuff for them to play with! Take care....*Tricia*