Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Latest News on Annie the Schnauzer

We took our friend, Annie the Schnauzer, back to the vet yesterday for her check-up. It had been a month since the last blood test and visit with Dr. Mitchell. She wasn't happy about going back and I'm sure she was thinking she might have to stay overnight again. Dr. Mitchell said her blood work was good and it was time to reduce the amount of Digoxin she was taking. Her weight was up a little over 3 lbs. in just a month. That is quite a lot for a little dog who is usually only 17 lbs. I had noticed the past week that her belly seemed a little inflated. As we had suspected, she has begun retaining fluids again. So, back onto the Lasix once a day. That will mean extra walks for Annie as the fluid leaves her system.

Her heart rate was OK....not great, but OK. It wasn't in the danger zone anymore at least. Overall, for a sick dog she is doing fairly well. Her appetite is better than it was 2 months ago but some days she is still reluctant to eat right away.

She is back to taking 3 medications twice a day, so we bought her a weekly pill container of her own. Pink of course. It will be easier to keep track of the doses of Lasix, Digoxin, and Enalapril she must take.

On her last visit to the groomer, we had her shaved down pretty good. After staying overnight at the vet's, her fur was all matted. It was easier, and less stressful for her to just have Deb at Petco take the fur off rather than try to get it unmatted. It will grow again.

She will go back to see Dr. Mitchell again in one month. We may have to send Annie out to get a part time job to cover these expenses. She has no health insurance.

Until next long for now!


Rick and Paulette said...

That's great how you are taking such good care of Annie - she is a lucky dog to have such loving owners. I sure hope Annie continues to improve.

K and D in an RV said...

We're so glad Annie is recovering - we were wondering how she was and afraid to ask. Woof! you get better Annie!


Atta girl Annie:))

squawmama said...

I am glad to hear that Annie is hanging in there and doing ok... She is so darn cute. I hops she continues to do well... Have a fun filled day with Miss Annie.

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