Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rise And Shine, Ready or Not !!

First on my agenda this afternoon is to welcome my 2 newest Followers to this RV blog.  They are ---

1. Kouisse and Bidou
2. Cajun Gal

Welcome along on this weird journey of the Fulltime RV life.  I hope you will be enterained by my musings, if not informed. 

It was raining quite steadily when the alarm went off at 6:00 am this morning.  The weather prediction on last night's bedtime check indicated that it would be.  So, we set the alarm for that ungodly hour of 6:00 am so we could get up and out to WalMart before breakfast.  That sounded like a good idea last night, but this morning I wasn't so sure I was ready to crawl out of the warm flannel sheets and hit the shower.

It took some prodding from Bruce, and I was soon standing with 2 feet on the floor.  OK, I was leaning against the bedroom wall, but at least I was upright.  I got into the shower first while Bruce did the early dog walking duty.  Annie takes a diuretic and these things cannot be put off.  All went well, Bruce came back and showered after me and we were soon merrily driving along to the WalMart in Lacey. 

When we pulled in, we could see several RV's parked there enjoying a "freebie" courtesy of our local Wally World.   If this WalMart parking lot should get full with the annual Canadian snowbirds heading south, there is a new Cabella's right across the freeway (Interstate 5 at exit 111) which also allows overnight stops.

Of course, at this hour there were very few customers at Wally World and we had the run of the place.  Who in their right mind would come out in this rain to begin shopping by 7:15???  Remember, I said "right mind" of which we are not in tune with apparently.  We buzzed out of there in about 30 minutes and for once did not have to stand in a long line.  They have about 25 checkstands at this location but normally only have about 5 open.  This morning, being so early, there was one.

Got home and put the groceries away....gave Annie a second walk (diuretic, you know).....and we were on our way to McDonald's for breakfast.  This is not our usual Mickey D's date, but I had the dining table all messed up with my scrapbooking stuff and I didn't want to move it just to eat oatmeal.  (sounds good, doesn't it?)

Enjoyed our usual English muffins, coffee and reading the USA Today.  I liked the fact that the Phillies beat the Yankees in the first game of the series, and that article was a favorite.  We saw some of the regular Breakfast Club folks at McD's and said our howdy's to them.  When Bruce went to get our coffee cups refilled, Kathy, our friend and asst. manager jokingly told Bruce they were going to have to just run a hose out there to our table from the coffee pot.  We get 3 cups of coffee...EACH....and then we're on our way.

Right now, I'm enjoying the quiet.  Annie is snoring on the floor beside me and Bruce is napping in the chair.  His back is hurting today and it could be late ramifications from the physical labor he put in last Saturday and Sunday.  He's such an old man!

By the way...does anybody know where the spell check tag is on the "updated post editor"?  I can't find it.

Until next long for now!  


Kouisse said...

I'm one of your new followers... "Kouisse and Bidou" (well my real name is Christine and my husband, Andre) - really enjoy reading your blog - we are brand new fulltimers and will be coming down your way since we are Canadians. Continue your great stories.

Phyllis said...

So glad that you were glad the Phillies won in the first game. Now, last night was a different story. We live not too far over the river from Philadelphia and this area is really crazy over our Phillies.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Sleeping in sounds better than Wally World OR McDs! However, a doggie with a need takes precedence over it all!

Rick and Paulette said...

Well, Margie, I'm glad the Yankee's won the second game and I hope they win again tonight! As for the spellchecker in the new Blogger Editor - there isn't an icon for it for some strange reason. I believe it still does as you type red underline spellcheck though.