Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home Maintenance

Even as a fulltime RVer, home maintenance chores continue. Well..it is a home, after all. Today was the day Bruce needed to clean out the bathroom sink drain trap. He is so lucky to get that great job! I'll write the blogs and let him do the yucky chores. The sink had been draining slowly the past few days, so Bruce got the tools and the bucket out to fix that issue. It took a while to pull it apart and then get all the accumulated gunk out of there. I stood by with the camera. In no time at all, he had the task finished. The sink drains well now, and the stopper will actually hold water. As it should be!

It's nice to have a man around the house....especially for these jobs. I wouldn't know the first thing about doing the trap cleaning job. That is one reason I admire fellow fulltimer, Gypsy, http://www.gypsy97.blogspot.com/ so much! She is a solo fulltimer and has to do all of these types of things on her own. I'm not sure I'd have what it takes to manage this lifestyle solo. Amazing woman, that Gypsy. Check out her blog for yourself and see what I mean.
Until next time......so long for now!



Over here at the Bayfield Bunch place I always say, "It's so nice to have a woman around the house."
Kelly is much better at figuring out those little problems than I am. She has to do those sorts of things a lot over at Deerpark Lodge where she works so she's an old hand at plugged sinks, lighting BBQ's, furnaces, & general small repairs. I know how to carry the garbage out:((

Texas Roadrunners said...

How did you hang the picture on the wall? Standard nail in the wall? Does it fall off during travel? Does it swing from side to side (wearing a rut in the wall paper)?

Gypsy said...

Uh, Margie, I don't know the 1st thing about plumbing, but I would like to borrow Bruce to clean out the sink traps in my RV. (Gosh, do you need to clean them out - who woulda known).

I've been wanting to borrow Kelly for a long time for a myriad of tasks that Al can attest to her expertise, and now that I know Al can carry garbage out, he can accompany Kelly when she visits!

I need to climb on my roof today and replace a vent cover over the shower, and I just hope I can keep from falling off the roof. (There goes my reputation for being a self-sufficient, modern, do-everything woman. I'm actually a pile of shivery jello!)