Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lost Our Camera !!

Sad to report but it is true. We lost our camera. It was sometime when we had gone to the Downtown Disney shopping area and Epcot on the same day. We didn't even realize it was missing until a day later when we went to get it again. We know we had it when we took the photos at Bibbity Bobbity Boutique, but after that things became a blur. Well, you could probably call it commotion. With this group of 6 trying to get through our day there is lots and lots of commotion going on. So thinking back, we were probably so preoccupied with getting packages and kids and the stroller gathered up, we left it behind by mistake. It was in a black camera bag and it most likely blended into the surroundings too easily.

We went to the WDW Lost and Found (at the dog kennel) to report it missing and to see if anybody had turned it in. No...whoever found it probably decided to keep it for themselves. It was a great camera and I miss having it. We will find a new one after we leave here on July 3rd. I have some photos already downloaded into the computer for another posting but then that's the end until I replace the camera. Sad, very sad. I had some great photos on the disc in the camera.

Interesting tidbit: one of the tram operators told us that on an average day 4,000 pair of sunglasses find their way to the Lost and Found at Epcot park alone! Crikey! Can you imagine how many other things get turned in each and every day from all 4 of the parks and the resort areas?

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