Friday, July 3, 2009

Going to Florida again is like going through childbirth...again!

We left Fort Wilderness at 9:11 this morning. We are now north of WDW in the town of Lake City, Florida. We will stay here for 2 nights getting us through the July 4th weekend. We just want to veg out and do nothing.

As we leave the area, I can think of a few things to report.

* Bruce and I got to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary on June 28th with most of our family present. We had planned on everyone being there, but those plans changed.

* We think that the music in and around all of the 4 theme parks and at the character meals is louder than it used to be. Or are we just getting to be old fuddy-duddy's? The music is so loud sometimes, it just gives me a headache. Right now I'm listening to the quiet hum of the air conditioner up at the Casey Jones RV Park in Lake City. Wonderful.

* We finally saw a real, live Armadillo. We've been here to Florida 11 times, and we've been through Texas several times as well. There are a lot of them in Texas. All we had ever seen were squished little Armadillo's on the highway. We saw 2 of them Wednesday morning on our walk in Fort Wilderness. I wanted to grab my camera and take it's little picture....oh, yeah! We LOST IT. I know Armadillo's are pesty and destructive animals, but their little armor looking bodies make them pretty cute.

* I think that Annie, the Schnauzer, was telling us in her dog-speak that she had just about had enough of being left alone in the RV for 6 hours at a stretch. The past week when we'd come back for some rest, we'd find our 4 bed pillows all scattered around the foot of the bed. I guess she was frustrated and just got up into our pillows to make a mess as a punishment to us. She never chewed on one; she never did that. She was just letting us know how things were going for her. She is now a happy camper as we've been with her all day long.

* I wrote on a posting in June that I would let my readers know if the Disney Dining Plan was a good deal for us. Well.....YES and NO. We did save $686.00 on food by using the dining plan. So, that was the good deal. The only down side is that we ate too much food even with the Basic Plan. I shudder to think of how much more food we'd have eaten if we purchased the Deluxe Plan. So, for the next 2 months it will be a strict Weight Watcher program for us and I'll begin counting our daily points again.

* Visiting Florida, as I said in the title, is like going through childbirth for a second time. When you come to Florida, and especially the Orlando area, it is hot and humid beyond belief in the summer. The crowds are horrendous also. You slog through your days in the heat but you still have tons of fun. Then you go home and after a while you forget how miserable the weather was...not to mention the bugs that crawl on your or bite you! That is why I liken it to the childbirth experience. When you go into labor with your first baby there is pain, sometimes nausea. And there seems to be a crowd of people poking into you and checking everything on you through your labor. For most women...not the most fun. But, the end result is wonderful and you take that precious bundle of joy home with you. As time goes on, you begin to forget the pains of labor. The uncomfortable backache and the delivery itself, with all the pushing and pushing trying to get that kid out of there! It then all comes back to you and you swear you'll never do that again. Of course, many parents do with their 3rd, 4th, and 5th babies. Well, Florida is like that. We hadn't been here since 2005 and we were really looking forward to coming back this year. It was tons of fun, don't get me wrong, but the miserable aspects of this place reared it's ugly head. I'm sure that in a while (a year or 2 minimum) we'll forget about it and want to come back again.

Stay tuned......

We'll be heading toward Lexington, South Carolina soon. We're going to go shopping for a new camera while we are there. Good luck to us!

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