Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back in Salem, Virginia for 2 weeks

We got back to my cousin, Gail's, town of Salem, Virginia on Wed. July 8th. We have signed on for a 2 week stay....for only $150.00. 50 amp included! Such a deal. It is a no-frills park that is actually a mobile home park with several RV spaces. It works great for us as we don't require much in the way of amenities.

We would have been heading straight back to Tumwater, Washington after our stop in South Carolina, except we have to go to the Winnebago factory up in Forest City, Iowa. We called and tried to get an appointment for this next week, but there are "issues" with that. It seems that during the last 2 weeks of July they host their Winnebago/Itasca rally in Forest City and they do not take reservations during that period. Plus, they will not tackle warranty problems at that time either. We didn't think we could get from Orlando, Florida to Forest City, Iowa in time for them to get into our problems before the cut-off period. Soooooo.....we had to get an appointment for August 3rd and sit around twiddling our thumbs until that date.

After we leave Salem, Virginia we're going up to Harper's Ferry, WV for 2 days. Then we'll begin our trek West with a stop at a membership park in Indiana for 3 nights and a stop at a membership park in Iowa for 4 nights. This was not the route we had planned to be taking home when we made our plans back last winter....but we usually tweak things along the way as the mood strikes. What with the needed repairs in Iowa, we had to change plans no matter what. We've never taken an RV journey that we hadn't mixed it up a bit along the way. That is what makes it interesting. We never really know for sure what we'll be doing.

There are a lot of things to see along the way from here to Iowa, but right now I just want to do nothing! Being in Florida for 2 very hot months has really worn us out. That's why we are looking forward to a few days of rest at White Oaks on the Lake Resort in Monticello, Indiana and then later at the Lake Shore Resort in Oelwein, Iowa. I'll do blog postings with photos of those parks when we get there.

Strange occurrence: After we left Salem, Virginia back in April our satellite dish quit receiving a signal. Strange, it worked the whole month we were in Virginia and then it wouldn't work in the next town. Bruce went through a lengthy process with Direct TV over the phone and could never get the problem solved. We added it to our list of repairs for the factory and put our service on "hold" for 2 months. Today, we thought we'd contact Direct and get the service restored so that it will be ready for service technician in Iowa. After the phone worked! Perfectly. Did it need a rest? Was it possessed by evil spirits? Who knows?

We don't have major things planned for here....just visiting with family that we may not see again for a few years and enjoying better weather than we had down in Florida.

Until next long for now!

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