Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just An Ordinary Saturday

We took a nice drive yesterday to a picnic spot, but I’ll save that post and pics for tomorrow perhaps.  Today has just been an ordinary Saturday around here. 

A lot of great comments were left after the post yesterday on “Top 5”.  Seems like many of us have a few of the same places on our lists and it was fun to read about a few places we’d never heard of.  Might have to check those out one of these days.  I’d have to add Niagara Falls to my list as #6.  I just couldn’t fit it in with only 5.

                                            Many people out on the beach enjoying some sunshine.DSCF6616

I read in a post today that Rick and Paulette have become the proud owners of a brand new 5th wheel.  And, WOW, it is really a beauty.  I checked out the link Rick left on the website for the RV manufacturer and also inspected his pics on the blog, and I can see why they selected that one.  Go and give it a look!

I also saw that Sam made it safely to Pennsylvania.  He’ll be there for a month helping his sister, Wendy, recover from some upcoming surgery.  I know Riggs will be missing him.

                        We see this fuzzy plant on our morning walks.  Any ideas on what it is called?DSCF6682

Bruce did get back up on the MH roof this morning to do some minor cleaning.  He thought it was time to get the road dirt, grime and gunk off.  He finished half the job before calling it quits for today.  He’ll finish the rest up next week. 

Annie has been a bit lethargic the past 2 days.  Since she can’t talk, we are left playing a guessing game.  She ate her breakfast and took a couple of nice walks, so I think it is just a case of old-age this time.  I know how she feels.

I caught up with Wild Blue Yonder and saw the pics posted about their recent trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.  Looks like SD had a great time and the weather was cooperative.  That’s always a good thing.

                                  If it is the weekend, there will be plenty of surfers.  (weekdays too)DSCF6734

If you have the desire to work hard at a pumpkin patch and maze, be sure to head on over to see what Kimberly and Jerry from Hit the Road Jack have been doing lately.  They are working in California until the pumpkin job is over and then they are moving on.  Sounds like a good idea to me.

This evening after dinner, we’re going to head on over to a park on the bluffs in nearby Shell Beach to wait for the sunset.  Even if the sunset won’t be fantastically beautiful, it will still be a good one.  In our opinion, every sunset you get to see… a good one!

    Last week by the RV park, this guy was drinking some orange juice waiting for the sunset to arrive.DSCF6753

Even with an ordinary, non-blog-worthy day, I hope you enjoyed the pics.  Ordinary photos on an ordinary day, must mean we are pretty ordinary people.  Hope everyone else had a better than ordinary day.  Take care!

Until next time……so long for now!


Vera said...

Ordinary days are good. It means that nothing bad has happened and you can look forward to some outstanding days sometime down the road.

Carol K said...

Ordinary days are like ordinary sunsets. As you say, just experiencing it makes it a good day!

Me and My Dog said...

Ordinary days are nice. No fuss, no muss. Just enjoyable. Nothing wrong with that, most of my days are ordinary.

Rick and Paulette said...

I loved all the pics in your blog today, Margie. You stated "every sunset you get to see… a good one!" I agree completely, however, as I get older I'm thinking that I may value "sunrises" more!

Thanks for the great 'shout-out' in your blog tonight and I'm glad you like our new 5'er. You and Bruce will probably be the first bloggers to get a live tour when we come down to Pismo Beach after Xmas - can't wait to get going now!

Sue and Doug said...

Cheers to your ordinary day at Pismo Beach..our's was a pretty ordinary day too here in Coquitlam!..not exactly a blog worthy day!..maybe tommorrow??? long as we see the sunrise all will be right with our little place in the liquid sunshine!

Wild Blue Yonder said...

Hi Margie! thanks for the shout-out, we had a blast on the trip. have to do that one again for sure!

It's nice to have an "ordinary" day sometimes, just for a break.

Glad you are having a nice time there, the weather looks excellent!


Gail Durham said...

We have a fuzzy plant just like that and I'm told it's called dear grass! It sure is pretty!

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Great pictures again,do I sound like Rick, Donna says I look like him now with my white beard, little kids say I look like Santa. Thank you so much for the mention in your post, and yes I think I probably miss Rigg's almost as much as a Donna. Donna says he is doing fine and watching the driveway for his Dad to come home.Tell Bruce to be careful on that roof, I am to heavy for ours so I have to get a skinny college kid or my youngest son to go up when needed. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Phyllis said...

How we look forward to some "ordinary days" after the last several weeks.

We have settled in here at the Escapees Park in TN for the next 3 weeks. We need the downtime after working projects and scheduled for another one when we leave here.

Just to do nothing sounds real good to us. I will follow your lead!

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Ordinary days are good if you have the view you guys do.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Ordinary days are good if you have the view you guys do.