Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Empty Nest

This morning the overcast and high fog hasn’t left the beach area.  Up on the hill by the outlet mall and into Arroyo Grande the sun is shining brightly.  We ate at McDonald’s and then went grocery shopping at Albertson’s and it was too warm up there in the sun.  We got back here to the beach area and it was still cool and foggy. 

We don’t mind the sun going away for a day or two.  Fine by us.  The hot sun is one reason I could never live full time in Florida or even stay there for a whole winter like many snowbirds prefer.  Too much sun and heat for me.  Florida is a great place to visit, and we have several times, but not a place for planting roots.

When we took a walk after lunch today, I didn’t take the camera because of the fog and poor visibility.  I’ll stick some pics in here from walks we’ve taken over the past couple of weeks.  Annie had us up at 5:30 this morning and when she was done with her walk, we took off for our 1-hour walk.  It began in the dark since it was so early.

                                            Ducks on Pismo Creek in the early hours last week.DSCF6999

We haven’t been here to Pismo Beach in the fall since 2008.  That was our first trip after going out as true full timers.  It was a strange trip.  We got here around the 7th of September and had planned to stay until the first week in November.  Although I was fully prepared to join the ranks of full time RVer’s in 2008, the transition seemed weird.  I felt like something was missing.  What was it?

                                            Foggy weather last week, too.DSCF7038

I sort of missed the family back in Tumwater, but it was more than that.  I finally figured it out in early October that year.  It was the empty nest feeling.  Why empty nest you might ask since our kids had long since flown the coop.

What it boiled down to was no more responsibility of caring for our parents on a daily basis.  It was like suddenly we had our own time.  We could do what we wanted and when we wanted to do it.  We didn’t have to consider anybody else’s needs except our own.  My Dad had lived with us for a few years and traveled extensively with us for the last 2 years of his life.  When we RV’d as the Three Musketeers (as I called us) we had to consider what he could do.  If we wanted to go on some outing, could Dad do it?  We had to make sure he got to a lab or clinic once a month for blood work.  There were things that had to be done.  He had passed away on November 2, 2007 and I was still feeling the loss a year later.  After his passing, we had a busy time of getting our house ready for sale, getting it sold, and preparing for a full time lifestyle. It was all a whirlwind of events that moved fairly quickly.  The empty nest feeling was because my Dad was no longer with us. 

                                            Joggers and walkers on the beach in the early hours.DSCF7040

Sitting down here in Pismo Beach that fall seemed lonely and empty.  I wasn’t totally happy.  I guess I was still grieving.  Wise man that he is, Bruce suggested that we bail out early here in Pismo and head back up to Tumwater.  He knew by being around the kids and Grands it would make me feel better and less empty.  So we packed it up and left here around the 20th of October. 

                                           Gazebo at one of the hotels on the bluff above the beach.DSCF7036

That was all it took and, over the next couple of months that year, the empty nest feeling left.  Time does heal most things.  Our nest seems full enough now with just the two of us Musketeers remaining.  Maybe Annie can fill in the third spot as a Musketeer.  This year we won’t be leaving Pismo Beach until November 1, and there is no urge to bail out early! 

                                 This bikini clad lady was on the beach yesterday….NO, it is not me!


The foggy weather will probably clear up in a day or two.  The town is gearing up for the Clam Festival coming up this weekend.  The RV parks and all the hotels will be jam packed with visitors.  Could be an opportunity for some great people watching. 

The town is never at a shortage of surfers every day.  Some old, some young….in foggy weather or sunny weather they will be here.  We saw some yesterday on our walk.  They were getting ready to leave the parking lot.  They had their boards stowed on the roof racks and had wet suits hanging from the cars.

                            Mini vans and SUV’s seem to be the modern day “Woody” for these guys.DSCF7050

Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  I’ll be checking out your blogs to see what’s going on in your neck of the woods! 

Until next time…..so long for now!


Judy and Emma said...

I wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini! Not even when I was a sweet young thing and a life guard. :)

Dennis and Donna said...

The first time we missed Christmas I was bothered by it...But then I realized that we can "Skype" them and talk to the grandkids...it sure helps....I'm OK with it now...Our 3 kids manage to get together sometime for Christmas..and I like the idea that they don't have to have us to keep a tradition alive...

Margie and Roger said...

OMG I hope you told that lady to put her clothes back on...bikinis are meant for young women with nice shapes.

JODI said...

The bikini lady has got some self confidence.

I am once again in love with the photo you chose for your header.

Rick and Paulette said...

Great new 'header photo' and not so great 'bikini photo'! Definitely not from the movie '10'!!

Sounds like it's going to be a fun weekend with all the people coming for the festival. I kind of like it when there are lots of different kinds of folks around having fun.

I could really relate to what you said about grieving over the loss of your Father. I lost both my Dad and then my Mother within 18 months and it does take time.

Freely Living Life said...

Beautiful header picture and a sweet post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

That's a brave woman in the bikini. Good for her. Not everyone can have a Baywatch body! =0)


Carol K said...

What a good post, Margie. We don't always know at the time what's wrong but it all makes sense later. Things aren't always fun and easy even when we think they should be. It's good you were able to adjust your travel schedule in 2008 and didn't let your sadness deter you from full-timing. And now, two years later, you are able to fully enjoy your time at Pismo Beach!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Most of the pictures make me wish I was at the beach. No comment on the lady in the bikini.

MargieAnne said...

Funny how things affect us. I had a major melt down about 6 weeks into our first serious trip. I was missing my church family Big Time. It took me a while to work it out ... poor TWJ was so confused and I think he wondered if I would ever be up to the lifestyle.

As it's turned out he had nothing to worry about.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Margie, are you setting a precedent for frequently changing header pictures? Gosh, I haven't ever changed ours since I started our blog. Afraid it might shock some folks. If I ever get around to redesigning my format, maybe I'll consider a monthly header change. Probably not.

pidge said...

Great blog. I lost my Mom in 91 and still catch myself thinking about sharing something with her, then realize she is no longer with us. It does get easier, but you always miss them.

Anonymous said...

Having just lost my father-in-law, we're still feeling that "oh, I have to tell him about..." We know how you feel.

Margie, you two might want to go down the frontage road, through Pismo and Shell Beach and turn left on the Avila Beach road to go to the Avila Valley Barn. Very good fresh veggies and fruit. Also, if you turn right at the hot springs, within a 100 yards you'll come to the parking lot for the Bob Jones Trail. All paved, good for walking. Just dont go on a weekend when all of the hot valley comes over to cool off.