Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Remember That Back-Up Camera Monitor?

Our current location:  traveling to Chehalis, Washington

While you read this post today, I’ll share a few final photos of Seaside with you.  We enjoyed our time there at the Seaside Resort, and since we paid nothing this week to stay here, it was all the sweeter!

DSCF5117                       Beach homes in Seaside

I don’t know if anyone remembers our story of ordering a new monitor for our back-up camera….but there is more to the story.  Originally Josh, who worked at Uhlmann’s RV, could not get the replacement monitor before we needed to leave on this trip in March.  So, he told us that when the shipment came in, Uhlmann’s would just keep it for us until we returned in June.  We figured that would have to do, since we needed to get on the road for Disney World.

DSCF5120                       Tillamook Head through the fog, looking South.

In April Bruce called Josh at Uhlmann’s to check on the monitor shipment.  Josh told him they had just located a replacement and it was still on order.  Josh then told Bruce to “call me back in a couple of weeks to make sure it’s here.”  OK…we’re thinking all is well.  Wrong! 

DSCF5118                       Early morning hours on the beach.

Bruce called in May to check on the status of the shipment.  He asked for Josh in the Service Department….”Oh, he no longer works here,” was the answer.  A new guy named Casey was now talking to Bruce and he checked in our file and found nothing related to a monitor order placement or shipment.  Bruce explained the whole, long story and nobody knew anything about it.  Josh had been stringing us along for quite a while until he left his job there. 

DSCF5115                       Small…very small…rental cottages in Seaside.

Casey was good enough to get moving immediately on the order.  He called Bruce back a couple of weeks later to say that the monitor had been received and was waiting for us!  Let’s just hope it turns out to be the right one when we get there.

DSCF5116                       Beautiful and large beach house with a great view!

We have one stop to make today to get our MCD blinds adjusted and then it will be on to Chehalis and our appointment with Uhlmann’s RV on Thursday morning.  Hopefully this new guy, Casey, will be someone who is easy to work with and keeps his word!  That would be a refreshing change.

DSCF5124                       Part of a sand dollar on the beach.

DSCF5122                       Here’s a half-dollar if you need change. 

We plan (make that: hope) to be back in our usual RV spot in Tumwater by Thursday afternoon.  We’ll be getting together at our daughter and son-in-law’s house for a steak BBQ dinner.  Can’t wait to see the “grands” once again!

Until next time… long for now!


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Thank goodness the Josh's of the world are few and far between, it is very aggravating to go through all that time and then come to find out you were lied to. Thankfully I usually order parts from a local dealer or a mail order firm I have found reliable and they come by UPS, or Fed Ex in a couple of days, if they are back ordered you receive an e-mail that same day with a date that they should be in. I think I posted the mail order site, if not I can PM it to you. I used it to get the replacement screen door slide, it took 3 days to arrive. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


If you halfed half the sand dollar, would that give you 4 bits? The last few days of heading home has an excitement all it's own. Always like that heading home part of the trip but my problem comes in when I have to then stay at home....for so long!!

Cindy said...


The sand dollars are cute!
The girls I'm sure are looking forward to seeing ya'll!!
Be careful!!
Hugs..Cindy and Walker

Rick and Paulette said...

I'll bet the "Grands" are getting very excited to see you both again! Too bad about this Josh guy - it's a good thing Bruce called to check! I guess it's not hard to figure out why Josh isn't working there anymore! Have a good trip home!

Gypsy said...

It seems like you were leaving Tumwater only a couple of weeks ago.

Carol K said...

Good luck with the adjustment to your blinds and with the new backup camera. Enjoy the time with your grands and their parents. I know you will!

Levonne said...

You have a great sense of humor. I love the sand dollar change comment. Wonderful. The Camp Host Housewife (Oh and thank you Margie for getting my current blog posted on your list.)

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Makes you wonder why they call it the service department. Looks like another great area to visit. Also added to our list.

Happytrails said...

Sorry to hear about the backup monitor issue....glad you found a new "go to" person that can get the job completed.
I bet you are getting excited about seeing those sweet "grands" again. You all travel safely and welcome "home."

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

"Customer Service" is really getting harder and harder to find. It seems like you have to followup and double check everything and never rely on their promise or word on anything. ARGH!

Hope you have a wonderful visit with the grands!!!

Karen and Steve
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