Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting Back In The Groove

This weekend saw us getting back into our old groove of life in Tumwater.  The weather was great, we spent time with family, I visited my special friend Dorothy, and this morning we went to our usual church.  We go to church most of the Sunday’s when we are out on the road traveling, but none seem to be as terrific as our Tumwater United Methodist Church.  It’s a great place for us to be on Sunday mornings.

Saturday morning I went down to where we used to live in our sticks-n-bricks to visit Dorothy.  She is a wonderful lady in her mid 90’s and she and I became good friends after my Dad passed away in 2007.  I never forget her when we travel and send her postcards and e-mail messages.  She is awesome and she is one of the older folks that “gets our lifestyle”.  Some people we know almost come right out and ask, “when are you guys going to get over this RV thing?”  Dorothy totally thinks that Bruce and I are doing the right thing by taking time to pursue our dreams together.  She told me Saturday, “your life is wonderful”.  I think Dorothy is correct.

On Saturday evening as I was fixing dinner, Mackenzie phoned to say she and Zoey wanted to come and play at our house.  OK, that’s fine…..come on over!  Stephanie drove them over and they brought a lunch box with their own dinner in it.  We didn’t have anything fixed for them, so that was a good idea.  While I finished cooking, Zoey dug the play kitchen stuff out of the toy box we keep for them.  She got dressed up and began doing her style of “cooking” with the plastic food.  She had a lot of fun.



Mackenzie is getting a little bored with the whole play kitchen thing since she is almost 9 years old, so she went right to the computer.  She is learning to play Chess and likes to have Papa help her.  She is doing a great job of learning the game.  She also likes to play the card games on the computer, too.


                                   A lot of concentration going on here…….


After Zoey got tired of being a chef with plastic food, she dug out the art supplies and began creating a masterpiece for us.  One rule we have here in our small house on wheels is that the girls have to clean up one mess before they go on to the next activity.  It is the only way we can keep our sanity with 4 people and a dog in this small area.


Next Saturday night we are having a sleep over for the girls.  Two weeks after that we are taking them on the first of two camping trips for the summer.  I know we’ll have fun.  We start our first official babysitting day on July 1st and that will be interesting.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Until next time…….so long for now!


Happytrails said...

I know you enjoyed time with Dorothy, she seems to be really nice and it's good to have those that understand what fulltimers do and why.
Your grandaughters seemed to really enjoy their time at your home, a joy for you and Bruce I am sure.
Take care and continue to enjoy your family.
Mike & Gerri

Rick and Paulette said...

Your friend Dorothy is absolutely correct about your lifestyle being perfect for you and it's great to see you feel the same way.

All one has to do is read today's blog and see the picture's of your grandchildren happily playing in your "home" to see that everything is working just the way it should!

It's funny, we too get the odd person asking us "don't you find staying away 3 or 4 months too long?" Our answer is always "not at all". If it was, we'd just drive home early, I guess! Pretty simple!

Gypsy said...

I hope you have a good week, and I'll read ya next week!

Carol K said...

It's great that the grands want to come and spend time with you in your home, the motorhome. And you have figured out how to make it work as a home, such as the "one mess at a time" rule. To your granddaughters, it is normal that you live in your motorhome. Too bad other folks don't always understand! That's one thing that all of us RVers have in common, we "get" the appeal of the RVing lifestyle.

-Nellie and Jonathan said...

I just tell people if we didn't have our RV, we'd be homeless :) That shuts them up!


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

What a great day for you, the visit with Dorothy, and then the grandaughters coming over, You will sure enjoy the sleep over and the camping I'm sure, We live for the days Adam spends with us. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

Phyllis said...

Im getting almost 4 year ago Charlotte today. Meeting 1/2 way as it is a 2 hour drive. Our church started VBS last night and we will taking her the rest of the week. She, too, loves to play "picnic" when she brings out all her kitchen stuff.

We will need to shop for her. Lots of allergies - wheat, oats, soy, dairy, eggs! It is a good thing her mother always fed her all kinds of veggies and fruit. She thinks baby carrots taste better than choco. chip cookies! The other week when I was at her house, I asked her what she wanted to lunch. Her answer? Broccoli!

We, too, love our home church. Deerfield United Methodist. We visit others on the road, but this is home.

Margie, have an enjoyable visit with those grands.

Judy and Emma said...

It's great having a friend that "gets" what your doing. :)

Dennis and Donna said...

Grandkids that bring their own there is a novel idea! I must have a talk with my daughters...Totally agree with you and Bruce "living your dream", together and on the road..I tell our kids that sometimes we have to get back to what started this whole family..Dennis and I...

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

What a great time with the kids.They will remember it the rest of there life.