Monday, April 27, 2009

Our last few days in Salem, part 2

We really enjoyed our month-long stay in Salem. It was mainly a time to visit with family. Last Sunday, we went to St. Paul's Episcopal Church with Gail & Rick. Here is a photo of the church on Main Street. It is a very old church and is really beautiful. It has a lot of wonderful stained glass windows in the sanctuary.

On many of the evenings we would get together at Gail & Rick's or they would come to our motorhome for a shared dinner and a game of cards. We all love to play card games. Here is a photo of Rick, Gail & Bruce sitting at Gail's kitchen table. We are playing a game called "Groups & Runs". It is very much like a game we play called "Sets & Runs". Rick wins a lot !!!Here is one of my hands for the "Groups & Runs" game. I won this game for a change!

We also taught Gail & Rick a game that was new to them. It is a real fun card game called "Hand & Foot". We first learned it about 15 years ago from Bruce's Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Buster. We played it for several years with our family in Washington and then we sort of quit playing. When we decided to teach it to Gail & Rick we couldn't remember all the rules. Bruce "googled" it and we downloaded a copy of the rules. It was easy then.
Here is Sosa. She is Rick's dog and she is a real sweet girl. She does like to grab your ankles when you walk by her sometimes, but she doesn't bite on you. She is funny. She and our Annie liked each other and got along well.

NOTE: I had intended to post some photos of our drive up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I wrote in another posting....I'm technically challenged and somehow I deleted them. It's always something !! Believe me, though, when I say that our drive up on the parkway and our picnic lunch was wonderful.

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