Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Love a Nice Waterfall.....

Yes, I've always enjoyed viewing a beautiful waterfall. Outdoors that is, and not running down the walls of the motorhome. We figured we would have some condensation to deal with while being in Washington during the winter months. What we didn't realize was exactly how much condensation we would be dealing with. We soon noticied some water (heavy dew) accumulating in the upper storage bins throughout the RV at the back wall/ceiling joints. So, we now live with the doors of all of our storage bins open. Lovely! Then I began to notice that any of the corners in the exterior walls were gathering too much moisture. In fact, in one corner behind the easy chair there were creepy-crawly things growing in that crevice as well. Eeewwww! I got out the bleach/water solution and quickly set out to kill those critters.

Next I sent off an e-mail to another fulltimer we know to ask how they've been dealing with this wonderful winter weather. They are currently staying north of us near Seattle. Jan called us on the phone to say that at first they thought their motorhome roof was leaking because they had so much moisture gathering. They quickly realized it was not and set to work, like we did, to try and deal with the situation. They already had a small dehumidifier and put it up on their dashboard and turned it on. She said it helped a little bit. We went to the local True Value Hardward to check out that type of dehumidifier. It had a 8 oz. capacity and was priced at $49.99. Too small we thought to do an adequate job. So, we checked the local Home Depot and Lowe's but they had nothing in stock. Bruce found one online through Lowe's. It has a 25 pint capacity and cost $154.99. Shipping was FREE. It arrived yesterday and we put it to work immediately. We decided to just go for the big guns! I'm still running around the motorhome a few times a day wiping down the corners to keep them dry and we still leave the upper storage bin doors open to allow for more air circulation. We are hoping that within a few days, the humidity level and moisture will be more under control and the waterfalls will cease.

Of course, this problem was further exacerbated by the fact that we are having a freakishly cold winter this year. They say this is the worst cold Western Washington has seen in almost 20 years. This morning it was 15 degrees outside. This extreme cold means that we must run the propane heating system more than we'd like and it adds to the cause of the condensation issue. With the temperatures being so cold outdoors and the need to keep us warm indoors...therein lies the problem. We'll get through it I'm sure and we only have 3 more months before we can head out to warmer areas!

In future years we will be leaving Washington during January and February and head to a warmer and drier climate. This year, however, we have opted to stay here for the benefit of our 2 granddaughters. We enjoy being with them so much.

Everything has been a learning experience with this winter RV living. We found out that our electric heat pump system works great as long as it doesn't get below freezing outdoors. Fortunately, we have the propane system too and that works just fine. The only problem with that is it really sucks up the propane quickly and we'll need to go out and refill soon. In a lot of areas you can order a propane fill from a local supplier and the truck will come right to your door and refill for you. Not here. Some folks here in our park have supplemental propane tanks attached to help out. Lucky us....our propane tank is way underneath the slideout section and very difficult to get to in order to attach such a supplemental tank. Like Bruce said, if we have to drive out to get our tank refilled it will give the diesel engine a chance to run. So that is the positive slant on that issue. OK....I'm grasping here....work with me !!!!

Still, in spite of all the difficulties I wouldn't trade this moving domecile for a "fixed house" again. We still find enjoyment in all of this lifestyle. We are looking forward to mid-March, though, when we get to be "on the road again".

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