Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year from Winterhaven

It's New Year's Eve and we are doing our usual.....nothing.  Sounds good to us, though, after a busy Christmas and hectic life dealing with all of the winter issues we had back up there in Tumwater.   Peace and quiet, and watching Dick Clark in Times Square will be enough for us.  We can get good old Dick Clark on our satellite here in the west at the east coast time.  Makes the non-celebrating celebration a lot easier on us "old folks."  We did want to wish all of our readers....

Happy New Year for 2010 !!

We arrived here in Winterhaven, California yesterday afternoon after leaving Indio.  We took Hwy. 86 out of Indio down to El Centro, and then picked up I-8 going east to our RV park in Winterhaven.  We are 7 miles west of the town of Yuma, Arizona.

We are staying at the Pilot Knob RV Resort.  This is also an ROD (free for us) park in our system.  When we checked in, I did opt to pay a fee of $3.00 per day to gain us a 50 amp space.  Bargain price.  So, for the 6 nights we are staying here, it will cost us $18.00.  This park, unlike Indian Waters in Indio, allows us a full hook-up site.  They make no distinction here between Western Horizon or affiliate members. 

There is a clubhouse with a large gathering hall for pot luck suppers and social events.  Plus they serve some type of meal here everyday except Wednesday.  That's the cooks day off.

They have the obligatory swimming pool and spa for those inclined to take a dip.

There is also a nice little library and puzzle room for guests.

They have nice grounds here.  The interior roads are good, although gravel and sand so it can be dusty.  But is the desert and there is bound to be dust. 

This afternoon, Bruce and I took a walk for about 45 minutes out behind the RV park toward the boondockers in the desert.  This area is chock full of boondockers and they all seem to have the required equipment to make their life easier.  We saw most of them with the large solar panels mounted on their RV's. 

That's Mexico off on the horizon.....way out there.

A boundary sign marks off the territory set aside for the boondockers.

This area is really beautiful in it's own way.  The desert life isn't for everybody, but you can still appreciate the beauty of the landscape.  We find everyplace we visit to have it's own wonderful qualities.  That is what makes an RV lifestyle the most appealing to us, visiting places with diversity in scenery.  How boring would it be to always just look at the same old thing everyday?  Variety is the spice of life.  We're hoping that 2010 will allow us to see and appreciate that diversity of our beautiful country.

Until next long for now!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Indian Waters RV Resort

Today we only had about a 70 mile drive to our park in Indio.  Since we had such a short drive, we stopped at the Super WalMart in Palm Desert to buy some groceries.  Then, it was on to the park we'd reserved for one night.

We had chosen Indian Waters on Jackson Street in Indio, CA.  It is a Western Horizon membership park that also accepts AOR, ROD, Coast to Coast and RPI affiliates.  We reserved it about 90 days ago through our Resorts of Distinction (ROD) program as the cost is FREE.  We like free. 

Since this is prime "snow birdy" season, the primo spots go to the Western Horizon members.  Premium sites have grassy lawns, full patios, and full hook-ups.  This is one row of the Premium sites.

Us folks that come with a membership affiliate program get the "cheap seats," although they aren't bad either.  We have a very level concrete pad for the RV which is long enough for the car to park behind the motorhome.  There are nice gravel separations between each site.  Bad thing here is that you only have Water and Electric with 30 amp.  Since it is only for one night, we were OK with that.  However, I would not spend 2 weeks here without full hook-ups.  Here is our Tour in site #271.

They have very nice facilities here and well landscaped grounds.  No matter which program you use to make your reservations, everyone is invited to take advantage of all the programs and facilities within the park. 

They have a beautiful stream running through the back area of the park.  There is a beautiful swimming pool, shuffleboard courts, and horseshoe pits as well.  They have a social hall for seminars and bingo games and there is also a Dining Room which serves meals for purchase on Saturdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  As typical of snow bird parks, they had a list of activities and programs as long as my arm.  You should always be able to find something to do around here.

We will be on our way to Winterhaven tomorrow morning.  We are staying for 5 nights there.  Indian Waters is a very nice park, but since we cannot have full hook-ups in this prime season, we most likely won't come back to stay.  If we come back to the greater Palm Springs area, there are 2 other member parks we can choose from that do allow full hook-ups.  We just thought we'd check this one out on our continuing journey south.  Since we purchased our campground membership program back in 2001, we figure we might as well make it work for us now that we are fulltime RVer's.  We strive to stay at as many of the parks within our various systems as we can. 

Life is good.  The weather is fine.  We are happy (and that includes Annie).

Until next long for now!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Still Driving South

We slept very well at the Flying J truck stop last night.  There were a total of 8 RV's boondocking and it seemed everybody had lights out early.  This morning we grabbed a cup of coffee, drained the gray water tank at the dump station and were on our way.

We had a lot of cars whiz past us from Oregon with "Go Ducks" painted all over their cars.  Oregon is playing in the upcoming Rose Bowl and the highway was full of loyal fans going down to Pasadena to see the game, and maybe the Rose Parade too.  We saw the Rose Parade in Pasadena twice.  That was enough, thank you very much.  The first time was in 1966 when Bruce and I were dating.  We drove up to Pasadena around 1:00 am and walked along Colorado Blvd until we found a good spot to sit on the curb and wait until 8:30 when the parade began.  It was cold and the curb was uncomfortable.  Ahhhh, youth.  Later, when we saw it the second time it was about 5 years later.  By then we were married and we bought grandstand seats.  We got there that time around 7:30 am, but I was still uncomfortable sitting on the hard benches for several hours.  Been there....done that....don't want to do it again.

Driving south on Interstate 5 through the lower San Joaquin Valley isn't a beautiful sight.   Brown, brown, and more brown.  This time of year the air is hazy and cloudy down on the valley floor.

We began the drive up the "Grapevine" and there were a lot of trucks slowly making their way to the top.  We stayed in one of the right 2 lanes as instructed by highway signs.

The trucks were so close I could have opened a window and almost touched them.

We passed Ft. Tejon and finally the Tejon Pass summit at about 4,000 ft.  Up there the air was crystal clear and the view was much better.  In the springtime these hills are covered with green grasses and some pretty wildflowers in places.

We continued down the other side of the mountain pass to the 210 Freeway, which pointed us in the direction toward Indio.  We have stopped for the night in a Camping World parking lot.  One last night of boondocking for a while.  Tomorrow night we are in Indio for 1 night, and then on to Winterhaven (near Yuma).  

It was 67 degrees today......hooray, we found it.....warmer weather!

Until next long for now! 

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Be Flexible

One of the most important things we've ever learned in our 20+ years of RVing is to be flexible in your plans.  We had a bad internet connection last night in Yreka, CA and it took me about an hour to get 8 photos attached to my blog post.  I wrote about how we had to change our plans and get over the Siskiyou summit as snow was predicted.  Well, the snow didn't materialize but it was sure cold and we were still glad we had changed our plans.

This morning we got up and took a walk for 25 minutes before getting ourselves ready to leave Yreka.  It was about 30F when we left to drive south to Weed.  Weed is at a little higher elevation than Yreka and there was fresh snow on the ground, although very little.  There was also a heavy cloud cover as we stopped at the McDonald's to get some coffee.  We did not have a clear view of Mt. Shasta, so, no photo to share with you.

As we continued south, the snow was a little deeper but the road was clear enough.  It sure made the trees look pretty.

We had planned to stop in Corning (south of Redding) at the Rolling Hills Casino and boondock in their free lot for the night.  Since we had driven to Yreka the night before, instead of staying back in Grants Pass, Oregon,  we got to Corning at lunch time.  OK...time for more flexibility.  We opted to go in for the lunch buffet....had a free coupon...instead of waiting for dinner. 

After we finished our lunch, we got back into the motorhome and headed south on Interstate 5 to Lodi.  Lodi is between Sacramento and Stockton.  We pulled into the Flying J for fuel and then drove over to the RV parking spaces Flying J provides.  We're parked between a luxury Dynasty MH and a small Class C.  I guess we all wanted to save the $40.00 the local RV park is charging and, instead, will stay for FREE tonight.

Tomorrow morning we plan to continue our trek south and will stay in Castaic, on the western/southern side of the mountains from Bakersfield.  Well, that's our plan anyway. 

Until next long for now!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

California Here We Come

We are actually already in California as of this posting.  We got to Yreka around 5:30 pm and settled in at the Yreka RV Park at exit 776 off I-5.   No snow yet, but the prediction is for snow/rain showers during the wee hours.  It is 32F at the moment and no precipitation.

We got an early wake-up call this morning from our "Annie the Schnauzer".  At 5:45 she decided enough sleep was had by all and wanted to go outside.  Bruce is the lucky choice for the early morning walk.  At our wake-up it was only 26F outdoors.  Brrrrr.  Again, no snow or rain in Tumwater. 

After showers and make-up (me, not Bruce), we got things ship shape by retracting the 2 slides and were ready to roll at 7:30.

 We just drove down to exit 72 south of Chehalis and pulled into the McDonald's for English muffins and coffee.  They have a great truck parking area.  We were on the road after that short break and the traffic was light.  A crust of frost was along the roadside, but the highway was clear.

We enjoyed an uneventful drive on the Portland bypass, I-205, and continued south when reconnected with I-5.  When we got to the Salem area I decided to check the road conditions on the cell phone.  I dialed 511 and learned that the road was clear all the way to the California border, but chains or traction tires might be recommended.  This was the recording as of the early morning, but that most likely indicated that tonight and in the early hours tomorrow morning the same would be suggested.  We decided to take no chances and pressed on past Grants Pass, OR where we had planned to stay and come here to Yreka.   We think it was a good plan as we are now over the Siskyou summit.  If we need to wait a couple of hours tomorrow morning before we leave Yreka to head toward Shasta and then Redding, we can do so.

We enjoyed our Christmas day with the family yesterday.  We ate way too much food, even though we vowed not to.  The girls enjoyed their gifts from Santa and we all watched them be opened.  To our surprise, Mackenzie's best gift was the chin up bar she got from Santa.  We didn't know Santa had planned that one.  She will use it to build upper body strength for her gymnastics.  She demonstrated the use of it for me.

Zoey had 2 "best gifts".  One was from Uncle Dennis and it was a car hauler semi-truck.  She wanted this so she could play with her cars from the Disney movie of the same name "Cars".  She was so excited to get this.

Her other best gift was the hair salon that Papa and I gave her.  She had this on her Christmas list and was happy when she opened it.  She wanted me to play beauty salon after breakfast, so I went to her room to have my hair done. 

After Zoey did my hair, Mackenzie wanted to do my nails.  Here is her work......she did her best, but was trying to hurry.  This probably won't be her career choice!

Grandmas will do most anything.  It dried quickly and I left them painted up for the rest of the day.  After Bruce and I returned to the motorhome, I got out the polish remover and performed the necessary make over of my nails.  She won't be the wiser. we're on the road for 2 months.  The first couple of days out of Tumwater during the winter are always long days of driving.  We want to put as much distance as we can between us and the cold, and possibly icy/snowy, weather as we can.  Once we get down to Corning tomorrow night, we can relax a little bit.  We'll probably have another early to bed evening tonight.  Hopefully, "Annie the Schnauzer" will sleep until 6:30 tomorrow morning.

Until next long for now!

Quick Update, More Later

Snow is predicted tonight for the CA/OR border area.  We are driving thru to Yreka tonight to get over Siskyou summit before snow arrives.  We were going to Wally-Dock in Grants Pass, changed our minds due to weather.  Won't get to Yreka before dark as we had hoped, but are only 50 miles from there now. 

More later,  hope everyone had a nice Christmas.

Until next long for now!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Naughty or Nice?

Today was Annie's trip to the groomer.  She hates that, but she knows Santa is coming very shortly and she wants to look pretty.   Annie doesn't have to worry about being "Naughty or Nice" because she is always nice.  She is a very good dog.  Except for the fact that she chewed up our Scrabble tiles when she was a puppy, she's never given us a bit of grief.  Here she is this morning, getting ready to go in to our local Petco Store.  She was shaking quite a bit.

We picked her up 4 hours later.  She was brought out to us by Debb, her personal groomer.  Debb is very nice and patient with Annie regarding her fears of going for a grooming.  Annie was clean and fresh and looked happy to see us.

We stopped by our daughter's house to pick up our mail and I took a picture of their Christmas tree.  It won't be long now, and we'll get to open those presents.

A few years ago, I made all of us some stockings.  We hung them "with care" next to the fireplace. 

We will be leaving our Tumwater location early on Saturday.  Weather reports look good for our trip south.  We are ready to get some "road time" again.  I'll miss our kids while we are gone, but truthfully, I don't think they'll miss us very much.  They have busy lives and we don't see a lot of them while we are here.   So, these RV trips we take off on during this Full Time Journey are always something Bruce and I anticipate with happiness.  We'll be coming back to reconnect with the family by the first of March.  Then we'll leave again!

I'll be posting from the road (maybe daily) but until Saturday, that's it for now.  We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and hope that Santa will be good to you even if you have been Naughty!

Bye for now,
Margie, Bruce and Annie

Until next long for now!

Monday, December 21, 2009

5 Days And Counting

Welcome aboard and Happy New Year to my latest "Follower", Tom McEntegart.  I'm so glad you found my blog and hope you enjoy reading about our Full Time Journey as we begin traveling just 5 days!

In our small RV/mobile home park in Tumwater, Washington even folks with very small yards have gotten into the holiday spirit with Christmas decorations.  This small house is right across the street from our RV.

The home owner has gone all out to make his yard lite up with this small, but brilliant display.  During the extreme cold weather we had about 10 days ago, this guy's furnace broke and the water pipes in his laundry room ruptured.  He sent his wife and 3 kids to a local motel to stay until everything could be repaired.  They were gone for about a week.  After their return, everyone got into the act of putting up their yard display.  I snapped a couple of photos Saturday night to post on this blog.

In preparation for our departure on Saturday, we've been monitoring the internet weather page for conditions along our route to the sunshine.  We will be going directly south on I-5 from Tumwater.  So far, things are looking OK.  We check the cities of Ashland, Oregon, Hilt, California and Yreka, California.  They have posted nightly "lows" around 24 F, with some rain showers, but NO snow indicated as of yet.

If road conditions get iffy, we will cut over to the coastal route, Hwy. 101, and continue south that way.   Normally we go over near Cottage Grove, OR...Hwy. 99 to Hwy. 38. through Drain and connect with Hwy. 101 at Reedsport.  We have also gone west out of Eugene on Hwy. 126 to Florence.  Both work well.  One route we do not like to drive west on is Hwy. 199 from Grants Pass, OR to Crescent City, CA.  We have done this a couple of times with motorhomes and it just isn't a route we prefer.  It is narrow in spots and has some tight curves that scare the heck out of me.  Last March we had to go over to the coast and we chose the route through the tiny town of Drain.  All good.

This year we are hoping to be able to go through Northern California on I-5 so that we can stop and boondock in Corning on Sunday night.  We will stay at the Rolling Hills Casino in the "free" lot.  They have a great little RV park, but we have just boondocked on previous trips and will do that this time.  We want to stay there because they have the greatest buffet in the casino...and we have A FREE COUPON.  We are member's of their Player's Club and we got an e-mail coupon for one FREE buffet meal.  This buffet is one of 3 eating adventures we are planning for ourselves on this RV trip.  

We always join all the Player's Clubs at casinos even though we aren't big gamblers.  First of all, I have very bad luck at the slot machines and I might just as well throw the money out the window....I'll get the same return on my investment as when I put it in the machine.   Secondly, I hate the cigarette smoke air in the casinos and I choose not to spend much time in there.  We join the Player's Clubs just for the discounts on meals.  It costs nothing to join, and we never know when we may just give in to the urge for a fattening buffet meal.  We try not to do it often since we are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while living a full time life.  But, we are human and the lure of roadside restaurants calls to us often.  Most of the time we try to plug our ears to the call and can be successful with that.

So with just a few days more until Departure-Day, we are spending some time with the family, getting things organized and ready in the motorhome, and tie up loose ends with errands and such.  We're ready for a change of scenery after 4 months of being here in Tumwater.  It will be good to once again get out on the road for an adventure.

Until next long for now!   

Friday, December 18, 2009

Taking Care of Our 4-Legged Child

To say that I was just blown away to find a new "Follower" on my RV blog this afternoon is putting it mildly.  But yet....there she was!  Carol K has decided to join us on our Full Time Journey, and for that I am truly grateful.  Thank you, Carol!

I was thinking about our little "Annie the Schnauzer" today as she rode along with us to the Camping World store in Fife.  She likes to go for rides (as long as it isn't to the groomer) and look out the window in the back seat. 

When we are traveling in the RV, we try to take her as often as possible.  However, sometimes she is better off staying in the comfort of the motorhome while we are out for a while.  Last year when we were in the East, I thought about what would happen to Annie if we were out and had a traffic accident and got sent to the hospital (or worse).  Who would even know she was stuck back in an RV?  Who would know where to look for her?  Our kids, back in Washington, know we are traveling in a certain area, but they don't usually know where the RV is parked or where to find it. 

So, I came up with an idea.  I typed up a "fill in the blank" form on my computer and printed out several copies.  Each time we go to a new campground/RV park I get one and fill in all the blanks with the name, address, phone number and space number of the place we have left our motorhome.  I leave it visible in our car.  That way, an EMT can see it and find help for Annie.

The form I made has the following information and reads as follows:

We are traveling by RV in this area.
Our motorhome is parked at:
We have a dog inside our RV and in event
of emergency, somebody needs to tend
to her right away.  Her name is Annie.
Emergency contacts are:
Stephanie (I list her phone #)
Dennis (I list his phone #)

This may not be a perfect solution, but we are making a pro-active attempt to help our 4-legged child in the event we cannot be there for her.   All of us love our family pets and look out for their needs, as well as our own, when we are on the road in places far away.  After all, they cannot take care of themselves.

Until next long for now!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where We've Been....Where We're Going

This year will be coming to a close in a couple of weeks.  It seemed to zip by pretty quickly to me.  It was our first "complete year" as fulltime RV dwellers.  We began our fulltime journey on August 1, 2008.

It was a great year in a lot of ways.  We went to a lot of interesting places and we stopped by for visits with some family we hadn't been able to see in quite a while.   That is one of the best parts of fulltime living.  We are able to travel to see people and just take the house with us.

As a brief recap, I'm listing the main places we went to this year (see archives for photos):

* Clinton Presidential Library and Museum - Littlerock, Arkansas  (March)
* Family Visit - Salem, Virginia  (April)
* Plains, Georgia  (April)
* Andersonville Nat'l. Historic Site - Georgia  (April)
* Gulf Coast of Florida  (May)
* Big Cypress Nat'l. Preserve - Florida  (May)
* Everglades Nat'l. Park - Florida  (May)
* Key West - Florida  (May)
* Tarpon Springs - Florida  (May)
* Walt Disney World - Orlando, Florida  (June)
* Family Visit - Hudson, Florida (May)
* Family Visit - Lexington, South Carolina  (July)
* Shenandoah Nat'l. Park, Skyline Drive - Virginia  (July)
* Harper's Ferry - Virginia  (July)
* Great River Road (scenic drive) - Iowa  (July)
* Riverfront Park Lock and Dam - Iowa  (July)
* Amish Country - Iowa  (July)
* Winnebago Factory - Forest City, Iowa  (August)
* Wall Drug - Wall, South Dakota  (August)

Our plans for 2010 are not complete.  We plan to "not plan" completely for when we come back West after a spring trip to the East.  But so far...this is what we have on tap:

January and February -
* Winterhaven, CA (Yuma, AZ area)
* Enrenberg, AZ
* Indio, CA
* Anaheim, CA
* Pismo Beach, CA

April and May (June?) -
* Walt Disney World, FL
* Return home via US Hwy 50, from somewhere in the East to somewhere in the West

The remainder of 2010 will be spent in Tumwater, Washington and traveling around Oregon, Idaho and other parts of Washington.  We have "no plans" as of yet and prefer to leave it that way.  We may just throw a dart at the map at that time to make our selection of where to go.  I know it will be exciting.

Until next long for now!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Temporary Fix

No matter what type of home you live in, from time to time you have to fix things.  You can't always get things fixed perfectly or completely right at the moment, so you improvise.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about our day/night shade in our dining area breaking.  We can't get it replaced right now, so we have improvised.

The past couple of weeks we'd just been living with the shade down, but I hate not being able to look out the window all day long.  We have checked into the purchase of the MCD day/night blinds as a replacement.  Bruce called the main factory in Texas and asked a lot of questions.  They sent us out a swatch kit and directions on how to measure for the blinds.  It takes 4-5 weeks to get the blinds custom made.  There are a couple of places near where we are going to be for January.  The main problem is that the factory is shutting down for 2 weeks over the holidays, so the new blinds we need couldn't be ready until late-January.  Too late for us, we'll be in Pismo Beach, California by then and there is no installation facility.

We came up with Plan B.  Isn't there always a Plan B?  There is a dealer/installer right here in Woodland, Washington at exit 22 off of Interstate 5.  It is Dave and LJ's RV Interior Design.  We have an appointment on February 27 to get 2 blinds installed in our side-by-side dining area windows.  We've ordered them and when they come in, he will hold them until the 27th when we will be on our way back north to Tumwater.  Installation should take less than 2 hours. 

In the meantime, I came up with a weird (but effective) way to hold the broken shade up during the daytime hours so we can see out of the window for the next 2 months.
(click on any photo for larger view)

We went to Home Depot for the 10 foot PVC pipe, 2 T-pieces and 4 elbows to make this contraption.  We used a 3/4 inch size for everything.  They cut the 10 foot pipe in half and we brought it all home.  Within 5 minutes Bruce had built this silly looking support system.  Silly, yes.....but IT WORKS.  We've been enjoying the view of lots and lots of rain all day long.  At night we pull out the support systems and lower the shade for privacy.  It ain't pretty, but it will get us through until February 27th. 

One of our readers left a comment a few weeks ago about our broken shade.  They offered the helpful information that we could order a restringing kit and restring the blind ourselves.  We thought about that and then decided to just go with the new MCD blind replacement.  Eventually, when funds permit, we will replace all of the old day/night shades in the forward living area with MCD blinds to match the new ones we've purchased.  We've seen them in a 2010 Meridian DP and they were wonderful.

Until next long for now!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It Was A Great Day

We had a scheduled appointment this afternoon in Chehalis to get the water pump fixed or repaired, whatever it would take.  Over the past few days, Bruce had tried everything within his power to find what was wrong.  He checked inside our black satchel from Winnebago that was filled with all sorts of opertion manuals.  He poured over everything that had anything to do with the water pump.  He tried the pump again last night....nothing happened.

It came as no surprise as he was checking through the manuals for our Tour, model 40TD, that the diagrams didn't match up with what he was looking at inside the compartment with the pump.  It is the same case with the tank drain handles and a couple other items.  He's called Winnebago about this interesting situation, and they always give some lame a_ _ answer for this.  So we muddle through or call Winnebago in Forest City.  We have them on speed dial. 

We had some errands to run this morning and then came back, ate lunch, and got the MH ready to roll down to Chehalis.  We completed everything for this process:  pulled in slides, stowed loose items, lowered satellite, warmed up engine, raised jacks and unhooked utilities.  While Bruce was outside, for some reason he decided to give the pump one last try using the switch in the compartment.  Dad-gum if it didn't start up.  He checked the performance using our outdoor faucet and the water pumped out just as it was intended.  The pump had just been frozen all this time, after all.  Today we had a high temperature of over 42F, so that helped a lot.

We called Jim at Uhlmann's RV to cancel the appointment.  Jim told Bruce it was probably the diaphragm deep inside the housing that was so frozen it took almost a week to thaw.  OK, at least we got that figured out. we were with everything in the MH ready to go and no need to go.  We didn't want to waste all of this preparation, so we decided to drive over and get another refill on propane.  Why not?  We drove down on I-5 to exit 99 where there is a Shell Truck Stop called Restover.  It isn't the prettiest place, but the folks there are nice and friendly and the price is fair. 

It was raining lightly but I went out with my camera anyway to take a few photos.  We took 8 gal. to top off the tank to it's required level (which I think by law can only be 80% filled). 

When we finished up with that little chore, we drove back in the rain and got ourselves set up again in Space #114.  11 more days and we'll be leaving.  I checked on the weather page today and the forecast is for more very low overnight temperatures on the 23rd and 24th....17 and 19F.  I was hoping we'd not have to see any more of that for this month! 

So you was a great day!  Another great part of our day was finding our newest "Follower",  Peggy Krepelka.  Peggy makes a total of 32 wonderful people who have decided to watch us live as fulltime RV dwellers.  Thanks, Peggy, for giving us your attention.

Until next long for now!